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Consultant Public Sector

3 apr 2024

Help digitalise the public administration (PA).


KPMG has always worked alongside central and local public bodies to assist them with change and innovation processes to generate a tangible impact on the lives of millions of people.

As a member of KPMG’s Government team, you will have the opportunity to make a difference by personally contributing to the redesign of your country’s public service provision models while rapidly expanding your skills in a dynamic and highly professional environment.

You will contend with strategic aspects of the public administration every day:

  • devising and implementing the digital strategy;
  • rethinking the citizen/user experience;
  • designing service provision processes and the supporting information systems;
  • designing performance management systems.


Are you ready to help change and improve our country?

At KPMG you will be directly involved where change must happen, working closely with the officials and managers of the Italian PA to make public services increasingly user friendly.

You will join a group of young colleagues and professionals dedicated to creating and generating the change every day. These colleagues will guide you as you grow and act as a touchstone, in addition to sharing ongoing training programmes.

The successful candidate has:

  • degree in economics and/or management engineering and/or environmental engineering;
  • experience in the analysis, design and governance of information systems in agriculture;

  • studies preferably focussed on: business organisation/administration, finance and control/organisation of public administrations/digital transformation/public procurement;
  • an excellent knowledge of English, preferably with study/work experience abroad.

For our office in Milan, we are recruiting professionals with drive and a sense of accountability to change the system. They must be goal-oriented, enthusiastic and highly motivated team players.


About US

In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, clients need to transform and adapt ever more rapidly. At KPMG Advisory, we focus on the main drivers of change: strategies, corporate finance, organisational processes and models, technological platforms, risk management and organisational change. The breadth, complexity and importance of our work make it a unique challenge. Working at KPMG means belonging to a unique team that works together to achieve shared goals. KPMG’s people are courageous and strive to make a tangible impact to improve everyday lives. Successful candidates will discover an environment that puts their experience and desire to grow to full use.


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