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Senior Data Scientist - Torino


Senior Data Scientist


Lighthouse is KPMG Advisory’s centre of excellence working on Data-Driven Technologies: we are focused on delivering state of the art Advanced Analytics solutions to our customers across various industries.
The team in Torino is currently looking for a Data Scientist to take part in multiple Advanced Analytics projects, ranging from Predictive Maintenance to Natural Language Processing and beyond. The ideal candidate should be versatile and able to tackle a Data Science project with a 360° view of the whole data lifecycle, ranging from managing data ingestion and preparation processes, to model development and validation up to the creation of frontend applications.


The job’s main activities will be the following:
•    Data Integration: understand which data sources are important and how they must be treated in order to empower new Data Driven tools and methodologies
•    Modelling: development of new ad-hoc Machine Learning models to meet business demands and requirements
•    Advanced Analytics Platforms: Development of complete ML pipelines from data ingestion to frontend applications
•    Business-oriented meetings & events: by strongly focusing on sharing with business users the project’s details, build trust in the tool and the methodology used to develop it
•    Team growth: by working alongside new joiners, help them grow as Data Scientist and achieve their potential


The candidate will work with the following technologies:
•    Python, Pyspark, SQL, Linux Command line
•    Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Science Virtual Machines
•    Distributed & Cloud technologies
•    Qliksense, PowerBI


The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:
•    Proficient in Python
•    Good knowledge of Data Warehouses
•    Good knowledge on how to design and organize a Data Model
•    Good knowledge of SQL, Pyspark, distributed computing
•    Basic experience with Qliksense/PowerBI
•    Basic experience with main Cloud Platforms (Azure, AWS)
•    Advanced English
•    At least 2/3 years of experience working on Advanced Analytics projects

Required data will be managed in compliance with the European legislative Decree no. 679/2016 (General Data Protection Regulation - “GDPR”) and later modifications or integrations. 
For more information please refer at KPMG Privacy Policy.
KPMG Advisory S.p.A. is an equal opportunities employer.   



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